Heimtextil Trends 20/21 Overview by Stijlinstituut Amsterdam

Reflecting on this year’s Heimtextil trend “WHERE I BELONG” shows one size does not fit all. As individuals we are multi-layered and can connect to more than one theme. Through textiles we can associate with our world and also give ourselves a sense of belonging.



Pleasure seekers revel in layering theatrical influences and glamorous showtime aesthetics, forging a fantastic marriage between the crafted and digitally rendered. Textiles show a ‘more is more’ attitude through a mash-up of glam, gradients and spectrums, fake fur, pile and fringe, jacquard weaves and fantastic prints. The flashy, kitsch colour range becomes brutally glam thanks to electric sheen, synthetic shimmer, digital glitch and artful blur. A riot of clashes and rebellion!

trends 01


Idealists seek perfection and purity, restoring equilibrium by connecting with the uber-natural. They embrace technology for good while shifting between realism and mysticism in pursuit of a personal haven. To address a renewed bond with nature, organic matter, raw materials and pure textiles are selected which show nature’s traces, organic structures and irregularities. Shades are created from the earth and cultured by man. An elemental and pure range reflects the source of their existence.

trends 02


Urban dwellers confront the challenges of the fast paced, shape-shifting, manmade environment by searching for utilitarian, adaptable solutions. They value tech performance while making smart use of available and renewable resources. Functionality is prioritised, while looking cool and working well remains key. Interior/sportswear hybrid textiles show smooth surfaces and a fun mash-up of graphic textures. The palette shows uniform blue, asphalt grey and caterpillar yellow.

trends 03


Preservers of historic legacies treasure sensuousness alongside the uncanny, enlightenment together with darkness, for a whole new immersive experience. This new narrative translates to a love for luxury and splendor, decoration and embellishment. Beauty is found in history and nature through ornamental patterning and alluring surface enhancement. Reflection on ancient history results in a palette featuring enigmatic blood red, sapphire and a lustrous motherof- pearl.

trends 04


Hyper-locals go global, celebrating inclusivity over appropriation, honoring traditional craftsmanship and adjusting the world’s gaze to embrace exchange, creative integrity and diverse identities. Indigenous style meets global influences. This is a celebration of crafted and decorative pattern, from tribal and folkloric to geometric and abstract. Textile colours become part of a wider cultural narrative, linked to local community, cultural heritage and private identity.

trends 05