The Great Outdoors


The Great Outdoors

Solution dyed fabrics, which achieve international norms, or hybrid fabrics are also offered and
can be custom made to your needs with properties such as:

- Anti Dust Mites
-  Dirt Repellent
- Anti Mildew
- Stain Resistant
- Colour fastness


These fabrics are finished with EASYCLEAN® by TEXTIFIN




Our soil and water repellent fabrics, treated with our fabric protector EASYCLEAN® by TEXTIFIN, helps with the easy removal of accidental non-chemical spills and dirt which can happen in a home, entertainment, public or office environment. EASYCLEAN® is engineered to the latest international standards, conforming to international environmental codes of practices.

Our EASYCLEAN® treatment is done under strictly controlled conditions to ensure each production lot performs just as the first one. Our fabrics are constantly tested in our in-house lab to ensure they meet the high performance expected from them. Core tests, such as ABRASION resistance, BREAKING strength, COLOUR-fastness, are just pat of the army of tests done. Verification testing with independent labs is done regularly. Our fabrics meet furnishing fabric standards like SABS, ISO and British Standard.

All our fabrics carry a limited 5 YEAR WARRANTY (T&Cs apply) and if looked after will retain the fresh look as on the day it was purchased.


Cleaning of synthetic fabrics

The golden rule for removing a stain is to act quickly! Most spots will vanish if they are treated immediately and are not allowed to dry in. First, mop up any excess liquid or semi-solids with white, lint-free absorbent cloth (coloured cloth might stain fabrics). Scoop up any dry solids with a spoon or the back of a knife inwards from the edge inwards. Use small amounts of warm soapy water at a time and frequently blot between applications. Avoid excessive wetting so as not to push the stain deeper into the underlying layers of your furniture.


A few don’ts:

Do not use ammonia, bleach or other solvent-based cleaners intended for hard surfaces. Don’t brush or use a sponge manually or mechanically. Do not over-wet the fabric and avoid pressing liquids through the fabric. When normal cleaning and maintenance procedures are applied you will get 5+ years of good service out of our fabrics. Regular professional cleaning is advisable, especially in areas such as cinemas, restaurants and dusty environment.